Soulflower Pack of 2 Red Onion Hair Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo, 520 ml



Soulflower Onion Hair Oil is 100% Pure, Organic and Natural Cold pressed and free from Chemicals and Synthetic Color. Soulflower Onion Oil with Keratin-rich Sulphur is ideal for all hair and scalp types. Soulflower Onion Oil helps to retain the natural color of the hair, scalp nourishment, supports healthy & strong hair. Soulflower Onion Oil product is non-greasy, non-sticky and an easy absorbent. Soulflower onion hair oil has a natural and strong scent of all the mixed 20 natural ingredients like onion oil, ashwagandha, neem, vetiver etc which makes it unique for the healthy scalp. NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Soulflower apple cider vinegar shampoo is naturally derived pro-vitamin b5, apple cider, oils of almond, kalonji & more for nourishing & maintaining hair. Apple cider vinegar shampoo free from SLS, silicones, parabens, mineral oil & dyes. DIRECTION FOR USE: Wet your hair and take an adequate amount of Soulflower apple cider vinegar shampoo. Cover your hair length & gently massage from your scalp to the ends of the. Rinse thoroughly after a few minutes.

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